• Pawn Shops in Roodepoort, South Africa

Pawn Shops in Roodepoort

Get cash for your valuables and other household items you no longer need.  We pawn, buy and sell.

Need some urgent cash, why not get an advance on your valuables as security and then you can collect them by paying the original loaned amount and our reasonable interest for the period of your loan. We have plenty happy customers in Roodepoort, ZA for a long time and enjoy many loyal regular customers.

Why not purchase some of our items for sale at the best prices available?  We have an extensive range of new music and DJ equipment as well as other new and used goods.  

Give us a visit or call today.

Other Areas: Will be created as leased - get yours now!

See www.PrimeWebSpace.co.za for more information, pricing and available areas.